Jeff received the 2018 Norman Hackerman Award in Chemical Research from the Welch Foundation. The description for the award is the following along with pictures form the award ceremony that was held at the University of Houston Hilton Hotel:

“Dr. Rimer’s lab has made two significant materials science research discoveries in the past decade. The discovery of a molecule that inhibits calcium oxalate crystallization, the principal component of kidney stones, may lead to a promising therapeutic that has the potential to replace drugs currently used to treat this widespread disease. The second notable discovery is inspiring new methods to optimize the synthesis of zeolites, which are important as catalysts in petrochemical industries.”

  • Welch Foundation News Release [Link]
  • Houston Business Journal [Link]; PR Newswire [Link]
  • University of Houston [Link]; EurekAlert [Link]
  • Featured in newspapers: Houston Chronicle, New York Times, etc.

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