2011 Kinder Excellence in Teaching Award

Marlo Diosomito received a 2011 Kinder Excellence in Teaching Award. This award, which is made possible by Nancy and Rich Kinder, was given by the City of Houston. A former student, Joana Cisneros, introduced the award. To read more about this impressive honor, read the article written in the Houston Chronicle:
15 teachers honored for inspiring students




A team of high school students was awarded a grant to create TOX AWAY, which is a paint designed to absorb various forms of airborne pollutants. KIPP is one of 16 teams nationwide to be selected as an InvenTeam this year. They will be working with Drs. Rimer and Harold through the Texas Diesel Testing and Research Center to test their new paint. Dr. Rimer was selected as a mentor for the team and will be travelling with them to the competition in Boston.
Read more about the details of this award: Press Release

Learn more about the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam Grant


Science and Engineering Research Summit

The seventh annual Science and Engineering Summit (SERS) was held at KIPP Houston High School on December 3rd. Participants included 9th – 10th graders who presented posters of their individual research projects in seven categories: biology, chemistry, behavior science, consumer science, microbiology/medicine, environmental science, physics and engineering.

Rimer Asked to Give the Keynote Address

Prof. Rimer was a judge at SERS and was
invited to deliver the keynote address at the
poster contest award ceremony. The subject
of the address was the importance of STEM
research and the opportunities for careers
in science and technology.



The KIPP-UH Alliance is a newly established program between UH ChemE and KIPP Houston High School that aims to increase K-12 engineering teaching and learning. Marlo Diosomito and Jeff Rimer have teamed together to design coursework and lectures on topics of crystallization and nanotechnology. Marlo is an NSF RET fellow in the Rimer group, and both he and his student, Nhan Thai, are working on the growth of microporous materials, and will incorporate this research into their classroom. Some highlights of recent news include…

Marlo was a runner-up for the H-E-B Teaching Award

Nhan won a regional poster contest and is invited to present his research at ISWEEP


Crystallization Lesson Plan

A mission of the KIPP:UH STEM Alliance is to foster an improved understanding of engineering topics using in-class experiments and creative lesson planning that introduces students to cutting edge research with societal and economic impact. Marlo Diosomito and Jeff Rimer developed a crystal engineering lesson plan that includes lectures on the basics of crystal structure, in-class experiments to synthesize industrially-relevant crystals, and a lecture introducing students to engineering topics, such as scale-up and unit operations. This lesson plan is being edited and will be made freely available for others to download on this website. Below are pictures taken of the in-class experiments at KIPP as part of the first implementation of this lesson plan.


Careers in STEM: Lecture Series

Prof. Rimer started a lecture series that discusses career opportunities for STEM and the advantages of pursuing a degree in engineering. Lectures are given twice a year to junior and senior students at KIPP. Students are given surveys before and after the lecture to assess their changed perception of engineering and career options in STEM.

Learn more about KIPP and their STEM research program…

Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) Houston High School